Troy Powell
City Manager
The Colony, Tx

I always thought I ran an innovative and decisive business. Things got accomplished and we hit the goals we set for ourselves. The board was happy and all seemed to be good. However, as Jim Collins says, good is the enemy of great and this would prove itself out once we began EOS. We decided to begin the EOS process to establish a more defined set of procedures with greater accountability. The reality was it only took one initial session to realize we had huge communication issues. This wasn’t a topic that had ever been brought up before in our staff meetings and was a complete surprise to me. The EOS process has allowed us not to only identify these issues but established a process for us to revolve them. Since that first meeting we have made more progress than I thought possible. I can only imagine what other issues that will be identified as we continue through the process.

Tricia Barnes
Vice President, Operations
River Bend Sandler Pools

Seven months ago, our Executive Leadership Team met once a month. These meetings were sarcastically referred to by the team as “Marathon Meetings.” We usually met around 1 p.m. and hoped to conclude before dinnertime. We did not follow an agenda and usually left our long meetings feeling frustrated; we rarely made decisions and most issues were unresolved.

Now we have productive meetings, referred to as “Level 10 Meetings.” Our meetings occur every Tuesday from 2:00 until 3:30 p.m. The agenda is structured the same each meeting so we all have an idea of what to expect. As a group, we are able to review goals, hold each other accountable, make decisions and conclude our meetings usually feeling a sense of accomplishment. As a result of meeting more often, our group has grown closer and more comfortable discussing the tough subjects.

If you want to replace your “Marathon Meetings” with productive meetings, I highly recommend Level 10 meetings.

Jeff Barnes
Kodiac Construction Platform

In July of 2015, the Kodiak Building Partners Construction Supplies Platform started the EOS system. With branches all over the country, I was not sure if the system would be effective for us, but I was willing to give it a try for the reasons of better communication, and unification of the platform with a purpose of functioning better as one. To my amazement, it is one of the best tools I have ever used. We accomplish complicated tasks in all our Level 10 meetings, and we have a lot of fun working on development of the business for an hour and a half each week. I think that the EOS system has been a great help, and we managed to improve the business in the following ways:

  1. Work and focus on our quarterly goals (big rocks)
  2. Look forward 2-3 years as a group
  3. Work on current problems (issues)
  4. Communicate better, and realize the commonalities of the group
  5. Makes each member of the group accountable for results, as well as supports healthy competition
  6. The weekly scorecard allows us to focus on current and future problems/opportunities
  7. As leaders of the platform, we look at new ideas as a group, and discuss them

I would highly recommend the EOS system to anyone as a tool of growing sales and profits, as well as improving the performance of your company. The money invested in the system is nothing in comparison with improved profitability we have obtained now and will gain in the future.